Holiday in the Canaries (Maidenhead locator: IL27fs)


In September 2022 we went on holiday to the Canary Islands and Gran Canaria to be precise. We had fun driving around in our rental car, enjoying the sun (shadow for me) by the pool, going out for dinner or eating at our place. Sunday September 25th and Monday the 26th were two rainy days when a tropical storm (Hermine) passed by the islands. Sunday a lot of rain fell and we had to move out of our little holiday bungalow, because there was a problem with the earthing. While showering that morning, I got a shock while touching the metal parts of the tap. Other metal parts of the house were also carrying current. So the management of the park moved us and other neighbours to other bungalows om the premise, because of the danger and not knowing what was causing this.

Monday the 26th the storm was almost over and we had a lot less rain falling from the skies. My partner took the car and went out for shopping. I stayed indoors and decided to set up my ham radio set, which I had taken with me. I made a little video about this:

Although a lot of signals were received, I didn’t have much QSOs on FT8. Just one, to be honest, but thanks to Sylvain F6GGX for coming back to me! Maybe more luck tomorrow.

(Although it’s dark now [20:54 UTC], I am still receiving a lot of FT8 signals on 20 meters. So it appears the band is still open. Besides Europe I see now operators calling CQ from South America also… I almost never hear them when operating from the shack in JO21.)

Update 21:50 UTC: Had a second FT8 QSO this evening, now with Raffaele IS0KNG.

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