HF antenna not working that good… :-(

Back side of house
The antenna on the roof

For a year now I own an Icom 7300 and last year I installed a longwire antenna on the roof of our house. Unfortunately, the antenna is not performing that good. The 7300 receives almost nothing, except FT8 and some CW. I almost never hear any SSB phone.

I decided to ask for some opinions on the VERON techniekforum, a forum website of the Dutch hamradio association VERON. People there told me the antenna is hanging too low now for HF frequencies. Our roof is 5 meters above the ground and the longwire hangs about 2 meters higher. But now it seems the 5 meters of the roof don’t count. Even if I placed it two meters above a 40 story build, it would not matter. All the electric noise of the house is beaming inside the antenna and the antenne itself transmits its signal right upon in space.

It would be better when I would hang the wire from the roof over the garden to the shed, which is about 6 meters counting from the walls of the house. But my boyfriend is not too keen on wires hanging above the garden.

Also, I have to make a counterpoise, as it’s not there at the moment. Now the coax cable is functioning as the other half of the antenna and picks up noise, but also transmits signal. That’s probably the case why the 7300 sometimes restarts when I’m transmitting a signal or tuning the antenna. And to make things even less perfects: sometimes our VDSL internet line loses its connection to the street cabinet when transmitting, even when at low power.

So, back to the drawing table. First, in July the roof will be filled with solar panels which we have ordered. It’s better to use as less space as possible on the roof for antennas or other stuff. On the VERON Techniekforum PA9X suggested some other antennas. My favourite suggestion is a:

  • 6.5 meter long vertical (= a 5/8 27 MHz antenna) combined with a CG-3000 remote antenna tuner

This antenna should work from 80 through 10 meters, but the first band only for local traffic. I can live with that. So, on paper this sounds good and my partner is okay with this antenna.

So, for the coming time I will research this antenna solution and hopefully can make it a reality in a couple of months. Hopefully the HF bands will work much better from than on. But… the solar panels give me some doubts about how it will perform. Only time will tell.

Our rooftop

If you have any suggestions for my situation regarding HF antennas, please leave them below in the comments section. Thank you!

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